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الثلاثاء، 29 ديسمبر 2015

Beautiful Lady How to be A beautiful Lady

Beauty and Measurement 

Beauty is measured in many ways
There is consensus on the beauty


At first glance say Hallelujah to the severity of Beauty

Reality beauty

 You should note that you are beautiful to people who know your attitude, ideas and close to you   your relatives see  your beauty because you are  known to them 

Love at first scene 

This love is made ​​up the crust does not depend on the use of the mind in the selection so it is necessary to study the subject of several aspects such as style, logic, the convergence of views , stamina , morality , religion and so on

The way to achieve beauty and style

The style of your life brings you the beauty that you want in your community and remember that the first assessment of the outlook give the look and feel of the rest of the beauty. The way of talking is very important part of your real beauty achieved. You should note there is something called habituation  so you  become a familiar person and its  more effective than figure
Whatever you can have get beauty through good treatment and kindness and you should try to appear as decent always made up the true picture, which claim to admission to the subconscious mind how much we have seen from the luscious beauty and accepted the marriage of a normal young man vacate the beauty of the shape and the reverse is also how we saw the beautiful shape young married   a normal girl and say how this happened, before we think it is the content rather than the shape form that love

At the end you are so beautiful



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