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الجمعة، 27 مايو 2016

Reasons for withholding snapchat in Saudi Arabia

Reasons for withholding snapchat in Saudi ArabiaBlocking snapchat in Saudi Arabia

The effects of blocking snapchat in Saudi Arabia, a sensation on the social networking sites between jaundiced and surprising about the reason for blocking. The decision, which was issued on Friday

Like other social networking sites evolution snapchat is used by millions and gave voice and video telephony services
It is strange that the majority of third world countries are dealing with technology on the basis of profit and loss. There are those who thought that these sites cause losses for telecom companies, and there the man who said it had become allow of freedom too much and another party focused on these programs and networks constitute the field expanded to the lack of modesty 
It remains surprising who wanted to the lack of  modesty, it is derived from a number of different ways, but many use technology to communicate with the families and loved ones within the logic.
The Launched of the application snapchat was in  2011. The estimated number of affiliates 100 million


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كل التعلقيات الواردة تعبر عن اصحابها ولا يتحمل الموقع اية مسؤلية عن اي تعليق.
لتكن كلمتك تعبر عن محبة وصدق. ان تكون الكلمة الطيبة فيها النقد البناء

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