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قيمة الحياة أن نقدم الفائدة للجميع صحة علاج معلومه خبر نصيحة All of us are human beings, let us care about what others need

الجمعة، 1 أبريل 2016

Man of his time Omar bin Abdul Aziz

Omar bin Abdul Aziz succession

man of his time

He was born in 681 Ad and died in 720 Ad 
Omar said to his laborers : bought wheat and Sprinkle it on the mountains until no hungry birds so no one could say, there was hungry birds during  reign of Omar

 Features of Omar bin Abdul Aziz succession

Including: the Justice and Equality, stated grievances that were the predecessors of the Omayyad may have committed, and the Isolation of all the governors oppressors and punished, as re- work 
Participation Opinions, so several more of the fifth Caliphs, he took care of science legitimacy and ordered the codification of the Hadith
The most important characteristic of his approach in his policy, his commitment to the work in Quran and follows of prophet Mohammad "صلى الله عليه وسلم", and the dissemination of science among his people, and taught them religion and introduce them the prophet message, and the starting point in his life that his understanding of the task of succession, It is keeping religion , He felt that it is the most important duties and the definition of his Rule is to teach the people the principles of their religion, and get them to work out.

The length of Omar bin Abdul Aziz succession

Omar bin Abdul-Aziz making history shortly
Omar succession lasted two years and five months and four days, even poisoned killed in 101 AH.

"Which shows that the length of the rule is not necessary to accomplish miracles?"

Omar Bin Abdul-Aziz and science

This initiated in implementing this important responsibility, sent scholars to teach and educate people to the various regions of the State, and in its presents, with its Valley and regions. He ordered employment to make scientists to disseminate, writing reading and science. Awareness of rightful religious doctrine among the flock effect in protecting the minds of nation of ideas which reflected the threat to political stability and security

Omar Bin Abdul Aziz reforms

Reform much of the agricultural land, digging wells, roads, and  rebuilds roads for wayfarers, and established mosques but not the decoration and architecture tended, either unrecorded  territory returning to House Muslim capital. The reforms that the length of his succession to eliminate poverty and need, and they are no longer there, leaving from the taking of Zakat. 


He has been stripped Omayyad of their privileges, then they asked him to return their privileges, but he refused. Then they poisoned him, the King of the Roman sent him a doctor for treating him, but he refused.
He called the accused of poisons him, asked him: "what's force you what you made"? He said: "I was deceived" Omar said: "he was deceived... ", and let him free



إرسال تعليق

كل التعلقيات الواردة تعبر عن اصحابها ولا يتحمل الموقع اية مسؤلية عن اي تعليق.
لتكن كلمتك تعبر عن محبة وصدق. ان تكون الكلمة الطيبة فيها النقد البناء

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