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قيمة الحياة أن نقدم الفائدة للجميع صحة علاج معلومه خبر نصيحة All of us are human beings, let us care about what others need

الجمعة، 1 أبريل 2016

Belgium Attacks

Belgium is a state respects human  rights and the freedom of worship

Baudouin_1969 king of Belgium

the Islamic religion gave us, the keys of life and explained to us how to deal with our daily issues. and we select the basic rules, in the respect for the humanity and its value at all levels. The beauty of Islam  is not a religion of  betrayed , but a religion of love and tolerance. in Islamic conquests,
the commandments of the Holy Prophet and the clear and explicit to the value of the child and the privacy of women and the elderly people. and is keen not to terrorize the people of differing religions. Even trees may not be cut and who entered his house is safe on himself and his money and his dependents

The Commandment of   the Messenger of Allah for the Army, which sent him to Muta
Do not betray, do not kill women or children and do not kill elderly people. Do not cut trees. Do not demolish building
 the Holy Prophet and the clear and explicit to the value of the child and the privacy of women and the elderly people of the Senate and is keen not to terrorize the

What happened in Belgium

What we're seeing these days to wonder. To kill and terrorize  and distort the image of Islam between the distal and proximal . Violators of the commandments of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) . The operation was a puppet revenge is nothing more nor less . What happened recently in Belgium is difficult for anyone to explain  all aspects.
Belgium officially recognized the Muslim religion in 1974. The mosque, which contains the Islamic cultural center near the European  Commission and Council European.  It is a gift from Belgium's King Baudouin to  King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. For the information  Eid al-Fitr and Al-Adha is a public holiday in Belgium. Belgium is home to approximately 700,000 Muslims. And half the population of the capital Brussels Muslims. The Belgian government offered salaries of 250 Muslim imam at their own. For the children of the Muslims, They have  the right to have Islamic education classes at a rate of two hours per week. And nearly 800 Islamic Educational teachers are  paid by the Belgian government. Muslims have  the right to build schools on the Belgian government system and provide for the payment of teachers' salaries by the Belgian government .
Belgium is state that respects Islam therefore deserves respect . And Islam is innocent of what happened in Belgium. But aim to tarnish the image of Islam and Muslims . And make all enemies to all Muslims. we remind who forgotten that Islam is a religion of  love and brotherhood . And the religion of no intimidation. It maintains everyone and gracious humanity, young and old people . It is noticeable that all that temptation planted by colonialism and fueled by the destruction of Islam and Muslims.

What happened in Iraq through killing women children elderly people by US attacks on Iraq and its allies under the pretext of democracy and their fully support to Israel by killing the Palestinian and taking their land, it  expresses their policy.
 All Muslims must  not to imitate them in mass murder



إرسال تعليق

كل التعلقيات الواردة تعبر عن اصحابها ولا يتحمل الموقع اية مسؤلية عن اي تعليق.
لتكن كلمتك تعبر عن محبة وصدق. ان تكون الكلمة الطيبة فيها النقد البناء

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