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قيمة الحياة أن نقدم الفائدة للجميع صحة علاج معلومه خبر نصيحة All of us are human beings, let us care about what others need

الاثنين، 28 ديسمبر 2015

Unknown Way to Take is Speed

The best way to save yourself while driving 

The best solution is  to avoid excess speed, whatever

the circumstances

If you want to send someone to hospital you may die and  he survives  because of excessive speed

If you Accelerator for a patient in the hospital you know 
you have to wait for the doctors to do their job

 If you want reach your work at time you may not reach it and the fault will be a curse on you and those who are behind you

Whatever your car modal and the quality of safety it has. you have to mention that there are  other drivers on the  road with different feelings controlled them

They may survive thousands of times, but the moment of  the incident does not know the skill you have

Speed is a bad habit be a way of it


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